onyx・size 6
tiger eye・size 7
african jade・size 10.5
metaphysical properties of Onyx:
Onyx is a beautiful Earth element stone with focused energies on inner strength and self-mastery.  It possesses a strong grounding element, and enhances one's ability for discipline and encourages persistence in overcoming challenging situations. Onyx correlates most the root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras, aiding memory and retention of information, making it a wonderful stone for students or teachers of various walks of life.  Anyone whose work involves intense focus and discipline can benefit from the steady vibrations of Onyx.
metaphysical properties of Tiger Eye:
Tiger Eye is a stone of the lower chakras, with energy focused on the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras.  Its elemental energy is that of Fire and Earth, as it contains a strong ability to aid things in the physical realm.  It can assist with discernment and mental clarity in situations, along with having the strength to act with fairness while staying grounded and centred.
metaphysical properties of African Jade:
African Jade is not actually a type of Jade, but has been given that nick name due to it's beautiful green colour and South African origins.  Its true name is Buddstone, and it is a powerful stone for raising one's Kundalini energy and opening the crown chakra.  It's Earth element energies can assist with relieving symptoms of some physical ailments such as diabetes and hypoglycaemia.  Buddstone can help one to discover the path to self-succiency, offering confidence and patience. 
The Ankh is an Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) symbol.  The Ankh can be found in many hieroglyphs and is known as the Key of Life. The top represents the womb, the bottom the phallus, and the side the falopian tubes & the union of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine.
bead is 8mm

RESERVED for Patrice***crystal ankh rings

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