2022.06.15・QUEER. IN JAMAICA

nobody talks about the ways we must learn to be queer

in public

the ways we are disoriented the first time we are surrounded

by ourselves

because up until now

the mirrors around us never reflected our beauty

only our difference

the rush of unnamed emotions through the body

the processing

the realizing

we are not alone

the ways it’s not really about coming out

but more an expanding into self

the ways we have to come out again and again

as we decolonialize our own internalized homophobia

the lack of knowing how to love

a thing you’ve been told is unlovable

even when that thing is you

to demolish and redefine love

reshape and recolour love

until it looks and feels like

something you can call home

something warm and nurturing

and challenging and growth inspiring

something earth shattering

something worth celebrating

something unconditional

something tangible

in the ways the love from those who were supposed to love us

has never been

we must learn to love ourselves in ways we’ve never seen before

we must learn that to be queer is to be magic

in a world that wants you to stop believing past the age of ten

and we must gather

to call out and collect ourselves and each other

to create come-unity

so our legacy will never be erased

celebrating pride month in jamaica has been so eye opening. so full of feeling in ways I’m still fumbling to articulate. we’re only halfway through, and I’m committed to seeing this experience through to the end. anxiety and all. because it really is so beautiful to see us all together. at all the different stages of our awakening. the ones ready to bruk out at any time of day. the ones brave enough to make a new friend. those who just come to bask in the vibes and knowledge that now. here. if only for a few hours. we can be ourselves. we are safe. I have to give thanks to the ones who’ve taken the time to organize, fund, and facilitate these spaces. intrepid, community fest, rebel women lit, q lounge, we change, noname, transwave, jflag, and kindred on the rock, you've been doing the work. and to acknowledge that there was a time none of this was possible. we have far to go. definitely. but we’ve come far too, and that can’t be ignored. to caribbean love, in all shades, colours, and shapes. I may still be figuring out how to express all the parts of me, but I'm proud yuh fuck to be a part of this collective.

happy pride everyone


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